A group of friends, usually 3 or more, that hang out everyday or every weekend for a good time. They usually waste their time by doing pranks calls or laughing non-stop.
Vicious Circle
Tomorrow I am going to hang out with my VC girls.
by Steph Smith June 12, 2007
initials for NBA all-star guard Vince Carter.
Aiyyo VC just threw in between his legs and dunked.
by Snoop Dezzy Dawg October 17, 2003
Vice City
"Heh hey! You didn't think VC meant Vice City didja?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 14, 2003
short for viet cong
vietnamese people from south vietnam, the more tougher and realest gangstas of the vietnamese race. also can be refered to as nammers. If you are vietnamese you can tell these guys apart from the north vietnamese by listening to the way they talk. they ususally speak some words incorrectly and use mroe slang as well as swear more.
Look At That VC Chop dat white boy up
by VC_BOY April 11, 2005
THe morther ppl of vietnam. the smarter more geekish and wangsterish race. speaks real proper vietnamese.
look at that nammer shoot that vc up
by Nammer_BOY April 12, 2005
Short for Vanilla Coke
"Heyz man, can u get me a can of VC from downstairs?"
by Double R84 September 19, 2003
An obese or avoirdupois person.
1. Today I saw a VC at the train station.
2. Stop eating or you'll become a VC.
by Kerynne July 28, 2003

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