vag·in·a·tar·i·an (vag-in-târ-ian)
The practice of subsisting on a diet composed primarily of vagina or any other female body part for that matter. This term has often been used to refer to lesbians, however, men can meet the definition as well.
Jack has been licking his boss all week. If he doesn't start performing in the office he is going to be performing as a vaginatarian for the rest of his career.
by nick November 27, 2005
Top Definition
one who only eats pussy
by na April 30, 2003
Reference to a lesbian.

Coined in the movie Say It Isn't So. "It’s a wonder she doesn’t quit the sausage and become a vaginatarian."
by creamsoda August 24, 2003
a person whose diet consists of mostly vagina and maybe some watermelon.
- yo donturius is chu tryin to get some cheeseburgers right quick

-absolutley not, I'm a strict vaginatarian, I'll be eating at your mom's house tonight
by Flowaz in da buildin January 01, 2010
An individual who due to personal preferences does not eat meat but regularly enjoys eating pussy.
"I tried trading that ho' a cheeseburger for a blow job but she said she was a vaginatarian and was going home to eat her roomates' pussy instead!"
by bill b licious March 07, 2009
Defined as the strict dietary and recreational practice of one woman eating, fondling, etc… of another woman’s vagina…. The term is used to replace harsh sounding terms such as carpet muncher, dyke and lesbian just to name a few to a more easily recognizable word using that lusciously delicious body part as the root of the word..
I had no earthly idea that Penny was a VAGINATARIAN. What, she only eats veggies??? No, that’s a vegetarian, Penny eats puzzy.
by Dawgum October 06, 2011
is a person who eats vagina ONLY
vegetarians eat vegetables ONLY
meatatarians eat meat ONLY
penistarians eat penis ONLY
vaginatarians eat vagina ONLY
by JaySportsFan2836 June 04, 2010
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