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33 definitions by na

When a straight man has a "crush" on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him.
Many straight men end up having man crushes on Johnny Depp (I don't blame them).
by Na March 29, 2004
Self-gratification. The act of "playing" with your genitals, for sexual excitement/pleasure; usually to orgasm.

Can also be accompanied by watching/reading/listening to arousing material e.g Porn, films, novels...

No matter what your gender/age/race, people masturbate. Some people do it everyday and more, some people do it when they don't have a sexual partner (these people are in the minority).

Female: Either stroking/rubbing, caressing (vigorously or not) the clitoris, or using long, phallic like objects to insert inside the vagina, and rubbing it back and forth.

Male: Stroking, rubbing, caressing, apparently also 'slapping' the erect penis.
I started masturbating since when 12 (yeah, I'm sure you wanted to know that) since then I have masturbated at least once a day, I am female.
by Na May 06, 2004
A Personality Disorder where you have a abnormal disire for ones self, where you lack empathy, and unconscious inadequency of self esteem, due to regression of child development. also a delusion that you are more important than everyone else.
Narcissistic people are not self centered there is a difference.
by Na January 24, 2004
The Day when your Mother does an excruciatingly painful thing which is called giving birth.
Respect yo momma coz u wouldn't be here today if she hadn't given birth to you.
by Na January 21, 2004
1)When someone looks very similar to someone else; a lookalike.

2)dead ringer(s); A a show on BCC 2(or is it 1?) were impersonators do impressions of celebrities.
"Wow, that guy's a dead ringer for Elvis Presley, I thought he was back from the dead!"
by Na May 08, 2004
In German: Village Idiot or just idiot.
When An Interviewer asked Johnny Depp what it means in German he replied "an Idiot"
by Na January 19, 2004
A very serious disease, which isn't always self inflicted. When a person, has a fear of becoming fat, so they don't eat. It is normally a female, because women are praised if they look good, and men are looked up upon if they have a high status or good job. They have a need to control something in their life, so they completely control their weight(thats what a Psychologist said). It can also be because of: fear of food, fear of becoming fat, or after a trauma in their life. They normally like cooking too.

Sigmund Freud also said its because they subconsciously want to look like a penis, but many people dissagree with his studies.
The Difference between Dieting and Anorexia is that:

The people who diet, are losing weight to look more atractive etc.

Anorexics are losing weight because they are afraid of becoming fat.
by Na January 24, 2004