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Israeli Military Industries...creators of the Desert Eagle.
IMI makes shit that can blow the fuck outta ya! DAMN...CHECK OUT THE DESERT EAGLE
by RussianKGB April 12, 2004
I ncredible
M agnificent
I dol

Imi is a sexy, funny girl who is always up for a laugh. Despite being the most wanted girl, she is in no way a slut. People around her become in awe of her beauty and smile. She has many friends and many possible love interests. Often an amazing actress, and very clever.
If you do not know an imi, your life is incomplete
by imiscarlett December 08, 2013
I made it
when you take credit for something that you have made like a joke.

im going to space dock in to a pink sock IMI!
by Cass man chris July 26, 2010
In My Imagination, substitute for "I would imagine."
This road leads somewhere, imi.
by Bumping Spheda May 21, 2014
hell yeah that's right. IMI are th pimps. yeah yeah. what up homie.
everyone loves us aint that right russiankgb. da IMI is da best and could beat all yall homies.
by Lev June 22, 2004

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