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Developed by 26 year old lieutenant Uziel Gal(d. 2002 aged 78) of the IDF. Went into production 1955. 9mm Sub Machine Gun accurate to 150 metres.
Mass produced under licend by FN of Belgium. Currently in use, Netherlands, Germany, U.S, Ireland.
Particularly popular with Special forces and HRT's.

Mini uzi variant developed 1980.
Micro uzi
Uzi machine pistol

Contrary to popular belief, it is unlikely that so called "Gangstas" would typically posses such a weapon.
Owing to its cost (in excess of $6000)
Weapons commonly mislabelled as "uzis" include
Scorpion vz 61 machine pistol

Ingram Mac 10 and 11
(effective range 25 metres. Could explain why "ganstas" can't hit fuckall. That plus their lack of firearms training and the inability to straighten their arms)
The Uzi, not withstanding the infamous Mp5 and its variants is one of the most popular SMGs in use today.
by Chevron May 20, 2004
Amalgamation of the classic insults "Tosser" and "Fuckup".
Typically used when expressing displeasure at another persons actions which have impacted negatively upon you.
And/or someone who performs such actions with regularity
What was that for you litte tossfuck!?
OMG you are such a tossfuck!
Get out of my way you tossfucking little shit!
by Chevron May 19, 2004

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