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Unique Selling Proposition.
In marketing (esp) USP is the one that decides whether you score over your competitors or not.
The institute's USP is it's strong infrastructure.
by Pavan SRao September 10, 2005
Developed by Heckler & Koch(coke) of Germany. Stands for Universale Selbstlade Pistole or roughly tranlated self-loading pistol/semi-auto. Introduced in the early 1990's in the .40S&W caliber at first then the 9x19mm and finally the .45ACP. The .45 ACP model is the result of the Mark23 Model 0 which is also a .45 caliber.
There are many varients of the pistol. The tactical model in CS which is a .45
The compact series which also includes a .357 sig caliber which uses sig's bottle-necked rounds
USP Match, Expert, Elite, P8, P10, P12,
P2000, and the P2000 subcompact.
the MK23 mod 0(socom)pistol is my fav.
then the usp.45
then the sig p228
fuck berettas
by H&K lover September 05, 2003
Acronym for United States Postal Service. A place of psychotic mailmen, evil yet pathetic individuals like Newman from Seinfeld, and old guys in really ugly, blue outfits. They say they'll mail in the snow, rain, and stuff like that but they're damn slow anyway!
I sent a package through usps to 'Jersey(say from NY) and it gets there a month later. I coulda delivered it faster myself on my bicycle! Damn you usps!
by anonymonous-man March 27, 2005
A handgun chambered for .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and 9mm rounds produced by the Heckler and Koch arms company. It has many variants, including the USP Tactical, Expert, Compact, and the Mk. 23 SOCOM pistol developed for the U.S Military. The USP is a very reliable, functional, and hard hitting pistol that is used by many police, counter terror, and military units worldwide.
Billy prefers to use the USP to the Glock 17
by Lancet Moonshadow January 31, 2005
a mailing service, and not a very good one either.
if the usps is out to deliver your package, than it's considered lost.
by someonewhoyoucantrust September 28, 2009
(v) to mail something via the United States Postal Service, a practice generally frowned upon by people under 30.
"Don't USPS your birthday party invites, that stone-age crap is strictly for weddings. Through rain or snow or dark of night still takes longer than the internet."
by adychka December 08, 2009
USP is a three lettered acronym for 'Ultra Sankt Pauli', a graffitti tag which is possibly related to the St. Pauli football club. The origins of the USP crew are unknown, most likely ex-secret agent ninjas with a penchant for explicit violence and an appetite for destruction. Other graffiti crews possibly have what is referred to as beef over disputed territories and tags being crossed out.

Possible toy(s).
Q1:What does that spray paint on my fence say?
Q2:Who the fuck crossed out my piece?
Q3:Which writers lack artistic expression and skill with their quick tags?
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
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