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the place little dick head kids get their toys
toys r us is a bunch of whores
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
The pondering of the choice of declination of acceptance.
Say maybe to sex.
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
the thing that is most commonly mistyped to the opposite sex when attemtping to type "wait a sec"
Dumb:Wait a sex.
Dumber: You want it now?
Dumb: What? Sure.
Dumbest: What about me?
Dumb: You aren't even supposed to fucking be here.
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
A 9-sided polygon. The latin root orginates from the word "nona" which means ninth of the ninth. 9-9 or 1/9. Or just ninth. Read the book Virtual Mode by Piers Anthony for more relative relations on the modes and Julia set.
The nonagon has 20 parallel demensions. One is the Burgess set. I don't know any others. They are intersecting, but still parallel. Just fuck me, my brain hurts.
by --a0a-- February 26, 2003
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
The delcination of something
Say NO to drugs.
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003
The acceptance of an object or an invitation.
Say yes to food.
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003

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