Un-Shaved Parts/Pussy
I can see that womens USP through her shorts
by yogi ceedee May 14, 2011
An Acromymn for "Universal Self-Loading Pistol", manufactured by Heckler and Koch Firearms Company of Germany. Chambered for either .40 or .45 caliber shells. Equipped with a anti-recoil system it is the choice sidearm or many law enforcement and military groups. The Mark23 SOCOM varient of the handgun is the standard issue pistol of the elite NAVY S.E.A.Ls.
You Aint Packin' Heat, Homeboy, Unless You Be Sportin' A USP!
by riskit_for_a_bisquit January 26, 2005
Universal Self-Loading Pistol, in several mods, it is capable of firing 9x19mm, .40S&W,and .45ACP, the H&K USP comes with many faces such as the compact, expert, tactical and many more.
The H&K USP is a very effective firing arm.
by 1337 June 01, 2003
1) University Scholars' Program
A scholarly program from a world-class university.

2) Clumsy, klutzy.
This definition allegedly originated when a member of the aforementioned program filled a slurpee cup while neglecting the effects of air pressure, resulting in the cup exploding.
1) How on earth did you manage to spill your drink all over the table? USP!!!

2) Did you hear about that USP thing he did the other day? He actually dropped hius chopsticks on the floor while carrying his tray back to his seat! What a klutz!
by MooCow December 14, 2003
originally a derivation of sup, accidentally keyed in chat rooms now has become a common occurence on the web and beyond
usp room
usp ppl
by Unknown_2 March 01, 2004
A .45mm Pistol that can hold 12 bullets per clip
by ShinDragonZ April 04, 2003
Best pistol in counter-strike
only noobs that are pussy shits use deagle
i pwn'd 4 guys with usp
by --a0a-- February 25, 2003

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