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Used to, in a past tense format.
"What did I usda get at Subway baby?"
by HAHAHAhahaLOL February 20, 2011
United - Streets - Dopeboyz - of America.

Lead and created by Young Jeezy.
Members include: Slick Pulla; Kinky B; Blood Raw; Fi Chief and Big Dank.
There are more members yet to be signed.
USDA 's tha click!!!
by Raskal O.G July 15, 2006
United States Dumbledore´s Army.

Also DA
It´s an army. For Dumbledore.

If you read harry potter and the order of phoenix you will have more information.
Phil: Did you know she is in the USDA??

Joe: maybe that´s why she never gets on time to the dorm at night.
Phil: probably
by Caofs January 02, 2011
United streets and dopeboyz of america
damn nigga i saw jeezy and all his niggas that roll U.S.D.A.
by J. Ryan Adams December 13, 2008