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Somebody who is a Gay Slave. They Will have the following attributes:
- Very Submissive
- Very Gay
- Easily influenced
- Horse similarities
- A love for being tranquilized
- The ability to be very Sneaky
- The ability to believe that they are in a ceremony in which the nightclub location is changing...resulting in having to leave the club

There are only 2 know Glave's in the World

On the positive side tho Glave's do know very nice music and are generally nice guys, so there is no need to be wary if you see one.
You are a Glave!
Glave is in deeeeee House!
I am the Glave
by Bi-Winnnnnnnnnnning April 13, 2011
(VERB) To not just like somebody, but to like-like him or her; To crave someone for immoral purposes.
Kim likes her 30 year-old gentleman-friend, but it is clear that she glaves the 20 year-old.
by Glavemaster Rob March 26, 2004
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