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an amazingly good-looking person's last name. Uribes are so sexy and they are also kind, caring and have big hearts(: everyone wants to bang a Uribe, that's fo sho.
Damm, look at those Uribes over there at in-n-out! Yummy(:
by iainttellinnigg July 16, 2009
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Best President Colombia's ever had, whether you like it or not.

The man who turned a failed state riddled with drug traffiking, kidnappings and terrorists into a livable country by kicking, extraditing or bombing the ass of every single criminal bastard who got in his way.

Deeply hated by Hugo Chavez, short lived drug lords, nazi narco guerrillas and radical socialists.
"We're short of ammo, supplies, manpower and kidnapped people. PLEASE DON'T REELECT URIBE!" - FARC gueriillas

"If Uribe loves us as much as some people say, then how come we'll be rotting here for the next 30 years because of him?" - The paramilitary leaders in an American Prison

"I wish Afghanistan elected a leader like Uribe, he would so kick the Taliban's ass!"
by C&CC June 17, 2009
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A homosexual individual who refers to himself as being 'straight', or 'not homosexual'. While maintaining the misconception that peers or others in society are homosexual when in reality, he/she is the individual with homosexual behavior.
"Hey Uribe, you wanna play some halo?
"What! Oh you freakin' punt! You are gay....Yea let's go spawn kill those monkeys."
(also see Uribe Complex)
by Midtowne Krew August 05, 2004
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Entire name: Álvaro Uribe Vélez.
Current president of Colombia, and close friends with Salvatore Mancusso and Carlos Castaño, heads of the AUC, a Colombian paramilitary group.
Recently he supported the Irak war campaign of USA president George W. Bush. He seems to be going to be reelected on 2006 elections and a little Uribe doll went on the market in the past few months. 70 % of the Colombian population worships him because the people, foolish as always, believes that he will put an end to violence and war in their country by the means of more violence and gore.
Uribe is a drugdealer.
Uribe is an assassin.
The "Uribito" doll is an exact image of Álvaro Uribe: lots of head, all empty.
by Schahêb May 08, 2005
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