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It is believed that Schahêb is one of the four sons of Kam, supreme God of the Bizarre Universe. He controls the winds and is the god of arts and knowledge. The Clouddweller seeks patiente to deal with the harm made by humans to the Earth, he perseveres in his will to restore the balance of the World.
Schahêb winds down the weary road.
by Schahêb May 08, 2005
1. A nonsense meaningful word used for expressing senseless joy and excitement at any situation, no matter how odd it be.
2. A Colombian Urban Rock-Blues-Jazz-Heavy Metal-Rock-Progressive-wannabee band. Their greatest songs are Airbus-z, Aegis Done, El Blues del Avenir, Genomascen, Licantropia and Pachá. Google it!
3. Urban who-knows-how made up interjection that can mean anything you like it to.
Schebereeo is a great band!
Schebereeo again!
by Schahêb May 08, 2005
Entire name: Álvaro Uribe Vélez.
Current president of Colombia, and close friends with Salvatore Mancusso and Carlos Castaño, heads of the AUC, a Colombian paramilitary group.
Recently he supported the Irak war campaign of USA president George W. Bush. He seems to be going to be reelected on 2006 elections and a little Uribe doll went on the market in the past few months. 70 % of the Colombian population worships him because the people, foolish as always, believes that he will put an end to violence and war in their country by the means of more violence and gore.
Uribe is a drugdealer.
Uribe is an assassin.
The "Uribito" doll is an exact image of Álvaro Uribe: lots of head, all empty.
by Schahêb May 08, 2005

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