n. The process of walking up to a toilet intending to urinate and, before or after urinating, changing one's mind to instead sit down and defecate.

v. To perform an upgrade.
While I was pissing I let out the biggest, nastiest fart. It stank so bad, I knew I had to upgrade.
by Lobsters Attack February 17, 2011
Top Definition
n. something that raises its subject to a higher level of potency, an artificial adaptation.

v. to make something more powerful or significant
L3K gets a new upgrade every day; she acquired teleportation a couple weeks ago for instance.
by The Ugly One November 19, 2003
1.To improve or replace old hardware with new hardware.

2.To get rid of a friend/significant other, for a much better one.
1.I upgraded my computer by putting in a much bigger hard drive.

2.Damn, did you see his new girlfriend, he's definitely upgraded.
by Young Enigma March 11, 2009
To make a better choice for a relationship partner.
Joe: Have you seen my new girlfriend?
Bob: Yes, she's a nice upgrade.

John: You are so nice! My last girlfriend was always going crazy white girl on me.
Sue: Nice upgrade.

Sharon: I love that you actually have a job, unlike my last boyfriend.
Fred: Nice upgrade.
by Harmony08 September 15, 2010
VERB - To Get Upgrade: Getting fucked up in any way possible. The more upgrade you are. the more fucked up you are.
Bob: yo bill you wanna go get upgrade?
Bill: Hell ya im bout to get upgrade from baloni.
Bob: word holla at cha boy.
by realg34 February 21, 2011
the better version up sess, usally it is more passionate and more orgamic
Girl: I'm horny.

Guy: Want to upgrade?

Girl: yeaa.
by goleafs March 24, 2010
When the effort of an action is pushed to the next level of intensity
Man did you see? Mike L went upgrade on Coach Brown yesterday. She was so happy
by T-Beast January 18, 2009

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