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To make a better choice for a relationship partner.
Joe: Have you seen my new girlfriend?
Bob: Yes, she's a nice upgrade.

John: You are so nice! My last girlfriend was always going crazy white girl on me.
Sue: Nice upgrade.

Sharon: I love that you actually have a job, unlike my last boyfriend.
Fred: Nice upgrade.
by Harmony08 September 15, 2010
Sexual intercourse engaged in to make up for having missed opportunities for sex. The missed sex could be due to your partner traveling, or being too busy, or having a fight. This is different than make-up sex. With make-up sex there is one sex act which accomplishes the goal. With catch-up sex you have to compensate for all the sex you missed having.
Wife: That was really good sex.
Husband: Yes, but we'll need to do it again in 2 hours.
Wife: Why on earth?
Husband. We were mad at each other for a week. We would have had sex 5 times in that week. We have four more to go.
Wife: Oh yeah, catch-up sex.

Joe: Hey want to go to the driving range tomorrow?
John: No, I can't. I have to stay home with my wife all weekend.
Joe: Honey-do list?
John: Sort of. I was out of town for two weeks straight, tomorrow is dedicated to catch-up sex. I have to honey-do her a lot.
by harmony08 July 04, 2011
When a car is driving ahead of you and just a little faster than you.
See that red car up there? He's my radar detector.

That Toyota just got pulled over, I had better slow down until I find myself another radar detector.
by Harmony08 October 04, 2010
A delusional stepmom who has zero understanding of what her role is supposed to be.
The crazy overstepping stepmom wanted to prove she was just as good as that the kids' mother, so at the first opportunity she signed up for mommy and me classes, bought a shirt that said Worlds Best Mom and told the kids, "Just call me mom, I'm like practically the same thing."

Sue: Look that mom over there breastfeeding, isn't that sweet.
Jane: Hey, I know her, she's that child's crazy overstepping stepmom!

Dad: You know honey, you are so great I think you ought to just replace my ex-wife altogether.
New Wife: Great, I'll sign up for the PTA tomorrow, can I take little Janie to get her ears pierced?
Dad: You're perfect, there's no other crazy overstepping stepmom like you.
by Harmony08 September 15, 2010
A status update or tweet that gives half information about a potentially catastrophic event in a persons personal life, that causes others to respond with urgency even though they have no idea what happened. Both components are required: the narcissist who teases the information to draw lots of attention and the sympathy whores who take the bait.
Facebook status update: "Just got out of the hospital, I can't believe what happened to me."
Debra: "OMG, what happened?"
Sue: "Are you okay? What happened?"
Sally: "I'm here for you as always"
Jan: "I'm praying for you and your family"
Joe: "Out with the story already, stop it with the narcissympathy."

Initial Tweet: "Fingers cross, waiting on my test results."
Debra: "OMG, what happened?"
Sue: "Are you okay? What happened?"
Sally: "I'm here for you as always"
Jan: "I'm praying for you and your family"
Joe: "That sounds kind of personal. But I guess you must have needed your narcissympathy fix."
by Harmony08 August 10, 2011
Growing up with a sibling of the same age or in the same grade that came about through the parent's remarriage.
My life forever changed the day I became a step-twin.

We don't know what our parents were thinking having step-twins.

Parent to school: Please don't put the step-twins in the same class next year. We don't think it'd be a very good idea at all.

Step-twins are the ultimate fraternal twins, as they not only came from two different eggs, but also two different mothers and two different fathers. Thus, step-twins almost never look alike.
by Harmony08 December 16, 2010
What happens on your favorite internet forum or chat group right about 3pm in the afternoon. All the sudden you notice everyone is gone and you are all alone. Then you realize why. It's time for everyone to spend the last two hours of the workday actually producing something to justify their continued existence as an employee. Occurs for stay at home parents too, it's the point where they realize they better clean the house and throw in a load of close to justify their continued existence as a non-employee.

Adapted for the preteen and teen set: What happens around 10pm when all your friends had to get offline so their parents will think they are actually going to bed and to sleep, resolves in about an hour.
"Holy crap, there were 10 people here a second ago, where'd they all go? Oh, it's 3pm already. Man this day went by fast. I hate temporary online friendlessness. I guess I had better get some work done before I go home."

Jack: I know what you mean.
Angelica: I
Jack: What?
Jack: Where'd you go?
Jack: Oh, it's 10pm, I'm going to get something and be right back, come back when your parents think you are in bed.
Jack: I am not deterred by temporary online friendlessness.
by Harmony08 December 07, 2010
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