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Yet more garbage "non-english" spouted out by off-shore India IT people along with others like "do the needful" and "please revert my email with questions". The word that should be used is upgrade, but apparently off-shore IT in India can't comprehend a word being both a verb and a noun.
We are doing an upgradation of the system next Tuesday.
#upgrade #non-english #india #it #off-shore
by AlphaLolz October 08, 2013
A slang term for upgrading software or hardware, primarily used by off shore resources. Installation, documentation, upgradation. Use is slowly gaining acceptence with international companies.
We performed the upgradation as per the documentation after the installation.
#upgrades #documentation #installation #upgrading #upgration
by Roger SP November 30, 2006
The opposite of degradation
The upgradation of the servers was attributed to additional disk space
by mng1 July 22, 2005
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