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3 definitions by jboyardee

Deceptively nearby, especially when referring to a destination requiring a car trip. The term applies well in areas where roads are winding and possess very few landmarks, such as in rural communities.
The county courthouse is right up the road. (In reality, it takes about 45 minutes to get there.)
by jboyardee October 03, 2007
8 2
Feeding bad information or faulty logic to the opposing team when playing Trivial Pursuit in an effort to steer the team toward the wrong answer. Especially effective when done under the guise of lending a helpful hand.
Johnny's encyclopedic knowledge of geography and sports history, combined with the expertly-disguised stream of trivial disinformation that he gave the enemy, won the game for us tonight.
by jboyardee October 03, 2007
2 0
A funky, 70's-style approach to discussing the culinary arts.
Hey Chad, I dig the spices you put on these potato skins. They got me chive talkin'.
by jboyardee October 03, 2007
1 5