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You spelled it wrong.

See eunuch.
unic? What were you thinking spelling eunuch u-n-i-c?!
by hhhmmmm July 11, 2006
A man without testicles. This word may even apply to a person without even a penis.
"You wouldn't happen to be a unic by chance, would'ja mate?"
by Dave January 16, 2004
A man who lacks functional testicles, although the proper spelling is Eunuch, where you will find many more UrbanDictionary definitions.
Children often became eunuchs/unics before puberty to achieve a more flexible singing range.
by mussavcom February 04, 2006
A man without a set of genitalia, not to be confused with Eunuch, which is a man without a set of Testicles
A Unic would often die after the operation because he could not pee.
by Skywiz September 19, 2007
A man who has not balls, his balls have not dropped or he has had a sex change,
2. One fucked up guy
dude he has a unic stay away
by titty TITTY January 20, 2009
A man that had his balls and dick cut off. Many men died because they couldn't pee after the opperation. Origional reason for becoming a unic was to serve as a servant in the Forbidden City. The purpose was so that one could be sure that none of the Emperor's wives or concubines got pregnant by another man.
"That man had to become a unic to work in the forbidden city."
by Asian Studies Student November 29, 2003
a no nuted man!!!!!
man i lost my nuts that makes me a unic
by Nohbdy September 02, 2003
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