an older protective butch lesbian who enjoys the company of younger boi's.
Who's yer uncle?
by kung po June 04, 2003
Translated into Punjabi it means breast.
Man look at the size of that girl's uncles !
by slssfw April 24, 2005
To be not one bit cool. To be like your loser uncle.

Syn: Tool
The thirty-five year old would always attend undergrad parties. He is a complete uncle.
by Brugz February 25, 2003
slang term for ant eater.
Aunt Jenny, why do they call that animal with the long nose and tounge an uncle?
by Slimemold August 19, 2007
1.fathers brother be cool be fast
look at my uncle he is so uncle and look how uncle he is.
by matthere September 05, 2003
Uncle is anything and everything...It can be a good thing or a bad thing...It can be a person, a feeling, an object, or even a thing...
I'm so uncle...I was at the uncle the whole day with uncle...We had such an uncle time..

translation: I'm so tired...I was at the concer the whole day with Anderson...We had such a great time...
by violet May 23, 2004

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