-verb to uncle (used with object)
To uncle (uncling) is a slang term used to refer to a gay man's illicit, sexual relations or activities with a young, under-aged boy - especially in relationships that also involve a sense of mentoring/teaching being passed from the "uncle" to the boy. It is meant to sound similar to the verb "to parent" or "parenting".
Raul plans to uncle boys at the YMCA.
by jakob23 May 09, 2011
A term creted in North battleford used to normally describe someone you emmulate, or admire. It normally Refers to someone of cree decent.
"Hey UNCLE, did you see the game last night?"
by Mike The Mediine Man September 04, 2009
A any person who is too hot to handle.
"My math teacher" is just so Uncle.
by wanderlista February 25, 2013
The code word for Police in certain cocaine empire circles.
Watch out man uncle round the corner
by Callum Leone May 19, 2003
Slang coming into common use to describe web locations where one might be able to find torrents. This is based on the fact that most people have an uncle who works in a place which gets corporate keys for their software and hooks you up with free goodies from time to time.

Thus, if you need some software, you ask your "uncle" and see if he's got it. The phrase is usually utilized on forums where to openly talk about torrents is banned.
Joe1982: Hey mate, I need some video editing software to sort out this short film I'm working on, can you hook me up?

FrankSin: I can't, but ask your uncle and see what he can do for you.
by The Internet Police May 31, 2007
an older protective butch lesbian who enjoys the company of younger boi's.
Who's yer uncle?
by kung po June 04, 2003
Translated into Punjabi it means breast.
Man look at the size of that girl's uncles !
by slssfw April 24, 2005

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