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What pretty girls call them selfs to get nice compliment.
Sara Pretty Girl: Im so Ugly

Ashley: No Way your gourgeous Sara!!

Sara Pretty Girl: Thanks!
by FrenchMousy August 28, 2010
U- You
G- Gotta
L- Love
Y- Yourself
If your u.g.l.y. you gotta love yourself.
by Morphias1008 December 23, 2010
I think it's funny that you can buy an 'ugly mug' when infact you've always had one.
Person 1 "He'll never get a girlfriend with that ugly mug"
Person 2 "Well, couldn't he just throw the mug away?"
Person 1 "I meant his face."
by jempin515 October 29, 2010
Something society trains us to think we are.
Society is the one who is ugly, not you.
by definetheundefined October 25, 2011
1. Aesthetically unpleasant.
2. A person that would look better inside out.
Vinci: leave her alone shes not ugly, shes beautiful on the inside.
Me: in other words she would look better inside out.
by Darley A November 02, 2008
An adjective used to describe someone not blessed by the Holy Unicorn of Spazti-Land. These people are generally hideous and extremely unpleasant to be around because they do not Believe. All ugly people have a wart at the top of their forehead that normally vanishes when they are Blessed.
Ugly? Just look around you.
by craisinsareyummy August 25, 2010
nice, hard, raw
K. Bryant Fan: You see how Kobe just yam over shaq, that was Ugly

L. James Fan:it was luck
by Fro Magnum June 03, 2010