Comfy, nice boots with suede outers and sheepskin inners. Contrary to Popular belief, you do not have to be a prep or snob to wear them.
Person A: "I just got Uggs! I've been saving up forever!"
by belieber2002 March 08, 2012
Comfortable boots with sheepskin inside them...they are her hated a lot but i love them. I feel bad for the sheep though. :(
I love Uggs...and Sheep! :)
by UggLover :) May 21, 2009
Not just boots, but a brand of shoes specializing in boots.
They do not always have sheepskin insides and suede outsides, although most do. Most people have a strong opinion about UGGs, either favoring them or despising them.

The only defense that UGG-haters have is that they're probably called UGG because they make ugly boots, which is the most unoriginal pun ever spat out by the Tard Machine.

When faux, they are called fuggs.
Idiot: Ew! Why are you wearing UGGs? I HATE them!
UGG wearer: Are you saying I should dress according to your likes and dislikes?
Idiot: Well, they're ugly. That's why they're called UGGs!
UGG wearer: I'm pretty sure a marketing team wouldn't name their shoes UGGs because they want to point out they make ugly boots. I mean, wouldn't their sales drop?
Idiot: Um.....well...........I...
by Teagreen July 25, 2008
a slang term made to recognize an ugly girl or girls
Encription: I see you got yourself a new pair of Uggs.

Translation: I see you like ugly chicks now
by burgerjoy October 18, 2011
Furry, Clown shoes

They look funny and just because you wear them it makes you popular, but they are very ugly. They resemble clown shoes with fur. Only wanna be's wear them. The Ug in Uggs stands for Ugly
by SSIILLLY GURLLL 111111111 March 11, 2010
A shout of frustration,anger or confusion.

UGG You're a douchefag.
by Reginnaldo April 16, 2008
1. a type of boot

2. an ugly person/thing
1. Dude, those uggs are so ugly!

2. Dude, that fat bitch is uggs
by jamairoquai June 12, 2006
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