uggs are the brand name of the gayest boot ever made. they were meant to be worn in the damn snow, not with hot pink mimiskirts and black t-shirts!
those uggs on that chick over there look so disgusting. its 88º outside!
by a person. February 10, 2005
Snowshoes that girls wear
Me: Nice snowshoes

Rebecca: These aren't snowshoes, they're uggs.

Me: Yeah, snowshoes
by Heyitsmattwhatsup January 23, 2007
the most comfortable kind of shoe. their fuzzy, stylish, comfortable, and warm. they can be worn with pretty much any kind of outfit, mostly miniskirts, or jeans.
uggs are so warm and comfy
by lexyyy December 27, 2005
Boots with sheep skin inside.
Originally created in Australia, but then this one girl who goes to my school parents brought them to the United States and a whole new "fad" started. She is now a millionare and far from a prep, doesn't wear skirts and only wears black ugg boots. She gets them for free too.
Usually worn with mini skirts, but they are made for snow. Really comfy and warm.
I bought my uggs from New Zealand, America makes brand names out of everything.
by rockontracy February 11, 2005
ugly or pitiful
thats chick is total uggs
by stoney June 25, 2003
Great quality, stylish, comfy, fashionable boots. Even though so many peopl ething they are trendy, they aren't. Uggs have been around for about 18 years and have been in style since. You can't label people for what they wear. Uggs are exactly the kind of shoes that shows that your not afraid of what you look like or wear.
Many companies are killing the Uggs with the enormous amount of knockoffs and wannabes that kids think they are sooo stylish for wearing, yet they don't know how much of a poser they are being for wearing knockoffs that they think are real.
Uggs. Warm, fuzzy love.

And it has to be real to experience it.
by Alyssa Lyssa January 29, 2006
a nigga that is skilled and sum people say he is ugly but he still be pimpin dem hoes. He is also see as tae diggs 2 cuz he is swole.
Did u see that nigga uggs get that gurl # in like 5 minutes after he had a football game while he was sweaty
by Jordan Sterling September 29, 2004

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