the most comfortable boots out there!!! you dont know unless you try, i used to think they were ugly, but i tried them on, and i felt like i was walking on damn clouds!
my uggs are bomb. dont hate.
by gotmyuggson May 23, 2007
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1-noun- Really Nasty Preppie boots

2-verb- I think the "Ugg" boots are ugly

3-adj- Expresses: I don't like that and the things that are affiliated with it

*Note* both 2 and 3 can be used together
1. Someone: Look, Mary's wearing Uggs
Someone: Well she a bitch anyways

2&3: Someone: Guess what? I got some Uggs and picked up some new runescape slang!

Me: Thas just Uggs = I hate your slang and runescape. I also think your shoes suck.
by SuperHaxo45er March 27, 2008
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discusting troll like shoes, probably used as a practical joke on americans by all the sly aussies out there.
they name has UGly in it
no ones made that connection so far ?!
unluckey girl: man, my parents hate me.

friend: what makes you say that ?!

unluckey girl: they got me Uggs for my birthdae

friend: shit son, you best leave that joint 'for they do sumtin' evun wurzzz tuh yuhzz mang !
by micheeee May 06, 2007
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Uggs are a brand of sheepskin boots made by Ugg Australia. Alot of people dont like these boots because they find them ugly and too common. however, people who own them love them because of their comfort and cuteness. They have a variety of different styles of "uggs" such as slippers, flip flops, boots and tennis shoes, but the most popular is the boots. Additionally, a variety of colors can be purchased in the boots, such as Chesnut, Black, Chocolate, Sand, Pink, Purple. Even though i love uggs, i must admit, that it becomes very annoying when people wear them everysingleday to school and such. i wear mine about twice a month and to different locations, but some poeple never go out without them. uggs arent very tough either. special care must be used to keep them in good conidtion. because of the sheepskin, try to avoid getting them wet. these boots are in the price range from $100-$200. uggs are pratical and comfy, but beware when wearing them, you will have a number of "haters," but dont be afraid to wear what you like.

Also, these boots can be regonized by the brand on the heel that reads "UGG australia".

many "fuggs" i.e fake uggs. have been made in replica to the original ugg boot and a much less price, but none the less are still as cute, but not as comfy.
I love uggs! i got some ugg boots for christimas!
by Abby:))) September 09, 2009
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Boots that mums and small daughters who dress the same, and teenaged girls wear.
They are unbelievably fugly and are now worn all year round. Esspecilly popular in schools, you can wear these boots in many different ways.

1. Tuck them in to your skinny school trousers.

2. As well as tucking them in, why not wear some bright pink legwarmers to match the beige Uggs.

2. Better still, as the warm weathes comming in, wear them with your lovley pleated school skirt!

These are also worn outside of school, mainly the same way.

Girls feet must sweat so much.
The only time i would ever wear Uggs is if i went on holiday and it was snowing.
How can anyone think they looked attractive? --Uggs
by Nobue March 21, 2009
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These Boots Are Either Loved Or Hated. They Aren't All Suede Some Are Knit and They Look Good To Me They Are Usually Wore In The Following Ways
1. With Sweat Pants or Skinny Jeans (Favorite)
2. With Mini Skirts (Least Favorite)
3. Under Regular Pants
These Shoes Are A Beautiful Fashion Statement Despite What The HATERS Who Can't Afford Them Say
Courtni- Look I Got A New Pair Of Uggs Cardy in Evergreen They Go Perfect With My Skinnies

Sheree- Yea I Guess Their Okay.

Sheree- Please, Please, PLEASE Mom, Can I Please Get A Pair Of Uggs

(Sound Familiar Haters)
by UggsLover<3 February 01, 2011
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Not just boots, but a brand of shoes specializing in boots.
They do not always have sheepskin insides and suede outsides, although most do. Most people have a strong opinion about UGGs, either favoring them or despising them.

The only defense that UGG-haters have is that they're probably called UGG because they make ugly boots, which is the most unoriginal pun ever spat out by the Tard Machine.

When faux, they are called fuggs.
Idiot: Ew! Why are you wearing UGGs? I HATE them!
UGG wearer: Are you saying I should dress according to your likes and dislikes?
Idiot: Well, they're ugly. That's why they're called UGGs!
UGG wearer: I'm pretty sure a marketing team wouldn't name their shoes UGGs because they want to point out they make ugly boots. I mean, wouldn't their sales drop?
Idiot: Um.....well...........I...
by Teagreen July 25, 2008
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