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An acronym that doubles as a pronounceable noun, standing for "Unnecessary Gay Guy" (or Girl).

A character in a movie, book, video game, or TV show whose sexuality is irrelevant to the story and to character itself, yet they are made gay simply for the sake of having a gay character.

Can also refer to reality show cast members when they are chosen solely for their sexuality.
"J.K Rowling just turned Dumbledore into an ugg."

"So who is this new Steve Cortez character in Mass Effect 3?"
"A shuttle pilot. BioWare made him an ugg."
by scause May 05, 2013
an attractive woman's way of telling the world "I am on the rag and my feet are cold so hit on me another day."
I'm so going to ask Lucy out today. . . nevermind she's got her uggs on today.
by banginglc March 07, 2014
uggs have been a popular trend since 2000. usually worn with tucked in leggings, short skirts or jeans. people fucking hate on uggs because they can't fucking afford them. so maybe some of you poor fucktards should work hard so you can afford nice things
rich girl: look at my new uggs they were even on sale

poor girl: really maybe I can get some

rich girl: haaha I said on sale not knockoffs these were $500
by cvillekid May 11, 2014
Overpriced, shapeless sheepskin boots that wear out far too quickly. Often worn as a winter boot despite the fact that they're not insulated or waterproof and wearing them in snow will only destroy them faster.
I'm looking for a pair of boots that are as warm as Uggs, but not as expensive.
Oh, so not warm at all?
by Rara.23 February 20, 2012
Not just boots, but a brand of shoes specializing in boots.
They do not always have sheepskin insides and suede outsides, although most do. Most people have a strong opinion about UGGs, either favoring them or despising them.

The only defense that UGG-haters have is that they're probably called UGG because they make ugly boots, which is the most unoriginal pun ever spat out by the Tard Machine.

When faux, they are called fuggs.
Idiot: Ew! Why are you wearing UGGs? I HATE them!
UGG wearer: Are you saying I should dress according to your likes and dislikes?
Idiot: Well, they're ugly. That's why they're called UGGs!
UGG wearer: I'm pretty sure a marketing team wouldn't name their shoes UGGs because they want to point out they make ugly boots. I mean, wouldn't their sales drop?
Idiot: Um.....well...........I...
by Teagreen July 25, 2008
Comfy, nice boots with suede outers and sheepskin inners. Contrary to Popular belief, you do not have to be a prep or snob to wear them.
Person A: "I just got Uggs! I've been saving up forever!"
by belieber2002 March 08, 2012
Comfortable boots with sheepskin inside them...they are her hated a lot but i love them. I feel bad for the sheep though. :(
I love Uggs...and Sheep! :)
by UggLover :) May 21, 2009