The title speaks for itself - ugh. These boots have seem to become a popular item among people who ache to fit in, they also are quite ugly and yet have caused the death of many sheep, that honestly would look better tugged over someones feet than uggs do. Uggs scream - accept me, on most feet, that some how forget to wear socks nevermind they're wearing wool shoes! They are most commonly worn in hot weather and tossed aside for the uglier crocs in cold weather, because mainstream girls are stupid.
Jane: Where did you get those shoes (uggs)? I have the exact same ones at home in white!
Kathy: Me too!
Carrie: Oh my god, so do I! HOW IRONIC!
by Obsidian Claire July 10, 2008
A fashion trend that started in 2003/2004 and people often wear them with minskirts and tanktops. It's like 100 degrees and your feet smell because of uggs just use flip flops much better.
My 5th grade teacher wore uggs
by DizzyLizzy November 22, 2006
what cum dumpsters use to sop up the semen dripping down their pant legs.
that marina girl is wearing uggs with her jeans tucked in. what a slut!
by ihatemarinagirls December 22, 2008
A boot produced by some Australian company. Girls claim it's warm, but it is really just ugly as shit. No wonder it's called an UGG. Guys like Orlando Bloom wear them too. Either way they are still UGGly.
Guy, "What's that crap on your foot?"
Girl, "UGG!"
Guy, "Ya i know that, but what is it?"
by lilsypop March 15, 2011
Boots that shout either one of two things:
Dude 1: Hey man, check out the girl in the Uggs.
Dude 2: Whore.
by ddoo997 April 21, 2008
Australian Boots. And unlike so many people, I like these boots. They do not make you look stupid, they're very comfortable and super warm. Plenty of people wear Uggs, not just the "popular kids". Uggs are expensive, depending on what style you consider buying. I don't have anything against Uggs, because I own a few pairs. I wouldn't own any pairs of Uggs if they weren't comfortable or warm. I'm not a follower, I wear what I want!
Girl 1: Is she wearing Uggs?!
Girls 2: So what?

Girl 1: They're so UGLY!
Girl 2: Hey, I'm wearing a pair right now. And they're really warm and comfy!
Girl 1: My bad.

My point is: Stop hating on Uggs just because you've never worn a pair.
by Appreciatorr090 October 28, 2010
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