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Aeropostale is a teen clothing store that is commonly grouped with Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and American Eagle. However, it is also regarded as the "cheapest" of the group. This may or may not be true, because they are generally the same in quality, but the other three's original prices on their items are much higher (especially A&F and HCO, which sell T-shirts for $38 in a heartbeat).

Aero sells clothes and other items (jewelry, sunglasses, bags, etc.) for both females and males. From personal experience, I notice that a lot of people well above their teen years still shop here, for some reason. Although most styles are meant for younger people, the simpler and more basic things can be stretched to people of at most 8 years older.

Lately, it seems that Aeropostale has been taking cues from the other three main teen retailers. They have removed the monkeys and butterflies from their clothes and general image, and instead replaced it with a more clean and "mature" "A87" logo. Their models and advertisements generally use the same people all the time, unlike the other stores (probably more cost-effective). Also, they are always fully clothed and doing fun, G-rated things instead of a more romantic and mature theme like A&F and HCO use. This new advertising (as well as the logo) is probably used to attract more of the customers that go to the other three, rather than thinking of Aero as a monkey-butterfly-glittery-kiddish brand. Their original selling price can also hurt your wallet if you are on a tight budget.

Their sales are much better than A&F and HCO, however. Stuff can get extremely cheap, especially near the ends of the seasons. Aero hires people of all shapes and sizes and doesn't hire based on looks, as A&F and HCO are known to do.

Seeing as most people were slightly disturbed by the butterflies and monkeys, I'm guessing Aero will make an even bigger name for itself in teen retail in the near future. It's a good place to shop, in my opinion.
Girl 1: Where do you like to shop?
Girl 2: Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Forever 21, and Aeropostale!
Girl 1's aunt: I like to shop at Aero too! I'm 30 but hey, their stuff isn't kiddish anymore so no one notices!
Both girls: ...
by ncl11 September 06, 2009
Boots designed in Australia (and now often made in China) that have a unique shape. They are made of sheepskin and come in different colors. Since there is wool on the inside, people like to flip the tops down sometimes to achieve a different look. These are mostly worn by females.

It seems like you either love them or hate them. They are very warm and cozy, but tucking pants into them gets hard sometimes. There are knock-off versions that are cheaper but not as good quality, including Bearpaws, Emus, and store brands. Uggs can range from $100-200, depending on the style.

Uggs are usually worn in one of two ways:
1) pants/leggings tucked into the boot
2) pants worn over the boot (only wider leg pants will work for this, for obvious reasons)

They have been a trend since the '80s and continue to sell well today.
Girl 1: I love my new Uggs!
Girl 2: They're nice, but don't get more than one pair or else it'll be a waste of money and sheep.
by ncl11 October 26, 2009
A brand of footwear best known for its Ugg look-alike boots. While they look almost exactly the same, Bearpaws are only about $60, while Uggs easily go beyond $100. However, it is commonly observed that Bearpaws are not as good quality as Uggs, which explains the price difference.

Nowadays, with the many Ugg knockoffs and store brands, Bearpaws are considered "second best" if you cannot afford Uggs, and are followed by Emus.
Girl 1: Hey look, she got Uggs! I didn't know she could afford them.

Girl 2: No, those are Bearpaws.

Girl 1: Oh, well, they look exactly the same to me.
by ncl11 September 21, 2009
A brand of leather flip flops, usually in brown. They are made with a special material so that the wearer's foot molds to it, but unfortunately creates an unattractive footprint (with all the toes).

Rainbows usually cost about $40-50 because of the quality and the brand name. I like to think of them as the Uggs of flip flops.
Reasonably rich person: In the summer, I wear my Rainbows. In the winter, I wear my Uggs.

Other person: Hmm, you have a footprint on your flip flops.

Reasonably rich person: They're not JUST flip flops, they're Rainbows!
by ncl11 September 19, 2009

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