ugly; hideous. Derived from Ugg Boots.
1: Look at her boots!
2: Ew!
3: They're so ugg.
by jackstur February 09, 2005
Ugly preppy boots that people wear with mini skirts. NO They are not meant for snow, uggs are not waterproof. they started in australia, how often does it snow there? no they are meant to be worn after surfing, cuz they keep your feet dry and warm.
dumb prep: oh no! i ruined my ugly boots while running in the snow!

yeah uggs suck
Fucked-up looking overpriced boots that make the wearer look like a bluejay wearing shotgun shells. AKA- Don't Fuck Me Boots.
Look at that dumb chick wearing Uggs in August.
by wolfbait51 April 12, 2011
Actually, ugg boots are meant to be worn after surfing (hence they're austailian origins- how often do aussies have snow snorms)...and maybe they are practical there, but they're still ugly and make people's feet sweaty and smelly. Why.. people why???
Situation A: It's 20 degrees and snowing (UGG BOOTS are not waterproof..wear them in the snow and you've ruined them..unless you waterproof them with a cream ahead of time)

Situation B: It's 90 degrees out, your feet are sweaty and smelly..and you do any means look cute. You look like an eskimo on vacation in LA.
by urbandictator305 April 29, 2005
footwear boot style made from sheepskin and wool, origin Australia...early 20th century
derived from term " ugly boots"
( shiver ) ooo- its gettn cold in here honey could you grab my uggs??
by herbiewa March 27, 2004
Austrailian boots that became very popular in the United States. Many celebrities are spotted wearing them and so are the "popular" kids in many schools. The boots can be extremely expensive and are made of sheepskin.
Many people dislike the boots while others love them.
Altough they look warm and wintery, getting snow on them will ruin the boots.
Girl: I love your pink boots! Where'd you get them?

Girl 2: They're called Uggs, and I got them for $120. Real sheepskin, duh.

Girl: That's expensive! Are there really sheep that grow pink fur?
by linglim October 17, 2007
Boots designed in Australia (and now often made in China) that have a unique shape. They are made of sheepskin and come in different colors. Since there is wool on the inside, people like to flip the tops down sometimes to achieve a different look. These are mostly worn by females.

It seems like you either love them or hate them. They are very warm and cozy, but tucking pants into them gets hard sometimes. There are knock-off versions that are cheaper but not as good quality, including Bearpaws, Emus, and store brands. Uggs can range from $100-200, depending on the style.

Uggs are usually worn in one of two ways:
1) pants/leggings tucked into the boot
2) pants worn over the boot (only wider leg pants will work for this, for obvious reasons)

They have been a trend since the '80s and continue to sell well today.
Girl 1: I love my new Uggs!
Girl 2: They're nice, but don't get more than one pair or else it'll be a waste of money and sheep.
by ncl11 October 26, 2009
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