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Uglier than the ugly tree, has a disgusting muff and zero tits. On top of this happens to be a complete fassyhole and cunt. Not a lot going for her really. If your life is going from bad to worse, just think, it could be worse, at least you don't have to rag an uggers.
Why the fuck is he with that uggers? He has had a large nightmare.

Saying his name makes me think of that uggers he's with, and I find that disgusting.

Oh my god, what an uggers.

Ah mate, I just had my arms amputated........could be worse.
by braaaaaaaaaaap April 29, 2007
1.Term for an ugly woman
2.-s pl. Most people from woolwich, more often then not, nigs.
1. That lauren, she's a right ugger, last night she tossed me off, I was so drunk i didn't care. The light was off though luckily.

2.BOB "That african family over there sure a bunch of uggers."
JIM "You certainly got that right Bob. eurgh i can smell them from here"
BOB "ugh you're right, I wish they'd use deodrant"
by thomasbellamy1 July 27, 2006
When someone is so ugly, they need a whole new word. 'Ugly' alone cannot describe their hideousness.
Romina: "Eugh, look at that ugger!"
by Prettyylime September 09, 2010
Someone who frequents the site of the new-underground. A person who enjoys surfing and communicating with other members discussing topics relating to Lycos chat.
I am a member of the UG, I am an ugger.
by Mary Christy April 16, 2008
basically a butt ugly human being
guy 1: '' ewww that chick is uggers ''

guy 2: '' dayum right she is a hot mess''
by jade r September 13, 2007
Referring to somebody who is most aesthetically displeasing, ie. ugly.
That guy you hooked up with was such an ugger!
by Sopho July 21, 2005
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