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Probably the most offensive term in the Jamaican lexicon, fassy essentially means crusty or infected, with hole meaning vagina. WARNING: Saying this to a Jamaican will result in serious injury and/or death
Si dem gwaan a door? Dem look like fassyhole to I an I. (Trans: See those gentlemen exiting the establishment over there? I do believe they seem to have a striking resemblence to a crusty vagina!)
by Dan Durell August 08, 2003
A twatish person, can be used in many contexts,
someone drops the joint, "you fassy hole!" or someone insults you "shut up you fassy" some one starts a fight, take off your hat and shout " whassat fassyole!!!!!!!!!??????"
by Arn Crew January 14, 2004
(noun or adjective)
1. A deregatory jamaican term. Comes from the term fassy, meaning a sore or infection, and the term hole which is a reference to the anus or vagina.
Di whole a dem bad mind people deh a fassyhole.
by neochin June 17, 2004
somebody with the wickedest best friends in the world
ross macdonald is a fassy hole - chirs loren f ;) (L)
by ross July 15, 2003
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