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When you laugh so hard at something, that it becomes painful.
Emily: "Did you hear what she said?"
Romina: "Yeah, lmaaaaaow!"
by Prettyylime April 24, 2010
When someone is so ugly, they need a whole new word. 'Ugly' alone cannot describe their hideousness.
Romina: "Eugh, look at that ugger!"
by Prettyylime September 09, 2010
A term used to insult people who are mean, and also intolerant of cheese, milk or other dairy products.
"Gosh, Alex is such a cheesehater..."
by Prettyylime April 23, 2010
When a girl is so orange (from use of foundation and self tanning products) that she could be mistaken for a piece of zesty fruit.
"You're a Vitamin C(hav)!"


"Eugh, you're so orange that shagging you would count as one of my 5-a-day..."
by Prettyylime April 23, 2010
When at a sporting game, event or music concert in a large stadium, someone stands up and makes their way out of the row to go to the toilet or get a drink. The other people in the row have to stand up and then sit down one after the other to allow the single person to pass by. This creates a mexican wave of people, rather than just their arms. If the rows of seats are long, then the effect is even more enjoyable.
I was at a concert last night and I fancied a beer, but I was in the middle of the row so I caused a Stadium Mexican Wave, it was pretty cool
by Prettyylime September 12, 2010
A smug or superior laugh.
Emily: "That's what she said!"
Romina: "heh."
by Prettyylime July 19, 2010

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