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Most well known as a popular plastic bag company used for food/drug storage.
Also can be used when referring to someone/something that is way tight.
Yo my game is so air tight, it's ziploc.
by Mikeeeey June 09, 2005
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Very widely known sandwhich bag. Surprisingly, these bags ate used to "bag up" marijuana. Herb dealers choose this bag to pack their dubs because it is high quality and air tight, for freshness.
Yo can i get that dub for 20? Yea lemme go bag that up for you in a Ziploc.
by Bigg Benjamin October 03, 2011
An ameteur rapper sometimes known on the streets as "Zitz in da House"
Yo, did you hear that new Zip-Loc track?
by K to the Ripp April 25, 2007
The term "ziploc" refers to a disposable econo douche bag.
Dude, you are such a funking ziploc!
by HotRods_n_Booze November 13, 2007

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