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Basically, someone crazy; someone who does or says weird things for no reason.
Dan: I don't know, I just never do my homework for no reason.

Mikaela: Tri-pper! *giggle*
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
Acid User
"What's Ryan into?"
"He's just a tripper."
by Diego June 20, 2003
someone who trips out weather being on drugs or not
the tripper: "wow that dog has four legs"

average guy: "man your a tripper"
by smakka March 01, 2008
somebody who thinks they are great musician, when in reality they do shitty cabana music.
Person A: Talked to Jimbo back there near the bar, he was so cocky talking about new jobs in hollywood as a musician.
Person B: He actually believes he is that good.

Person A: What a tripper.
by mwallace2202 May 26, 2015
taking things out of porportion.
by Sporker. August 31, 2010
someone who trips out on you for no reason.
"Dude what was her problem?" "I dunno, she's just a tripper"
by GnarKill April 25, 2003
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