bountiful or a lot of.
Can replace: very, or really.

Pronounciation: ooooo-ber
That's uber hot.


I'm uber intoxicated.
by Ledon August 12, 2007
Means the same as super. Most recently used by fans of anime & Japanese street fashion trends. Is also slang used in the subtitles of the anime Gals! also known as Super Gals.
That ganguro does para para uber fast!

Kara-mara with friends is uber fun!
by Ran Kotobuki September 22, 2004
I like God.'s definition of uber (submitted Jan. 2, 2004), although I know of an earlier reference than the Dead Kennedy's "California über alles" song. In the late '70s Saturday Night Live had a skit with John Belushi that posed the question "what would've happened if Superman emerged from Nazi Germany?" Answer: he would've been Uberman.
Look! Up in the sky! It's Überman!
by inVinceble August 19, 2004
Prefix: the epitome of; usually used in a negative connotation
He's a Trekkie. What an ubernerd.

Cubism is ubercrap.
by Sarah November 25, 2003
A misspelling of the German word "über" (meaning above or super). Ignorant Americans have lately started to pronounce the word as "uber" rather than "yber", something that makes the great Führer turn in his grave.
Dumb hick: This is uber cool.
Educated individual: It's called "über", hillbilly.
by Taxman_42 January 02, 2007
originally coming from the german word UBER which means super but it is now used in n00b language and mock n00b language which is used by ub3r pr0 g@m3rz to mock n00bs
wow, you owned that n00b like the uber pro gamer that you are, you're so leet

im gonna play an uber joke on my sister
by izakko October 07, 2006

A word in German that means ''above'' or ''over'' but now is slang and is used in every sentence
John is a uber fag

uber is a very funny word
by Operation: Douchebag August 04, 2006

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