yah he's uber hott!

man.. im gonna kick your uber skinny white butt!
by *brei* February 12, 2008
alot/magnificent/super/outstanding in the highest or very high standard level
Diablo in its uber form is a true epitome of nightmare.
by Quantum-Magistrate December 06, 2007
bountiful or a lot of.
Can replace: very, or really.

Pronounciation: ooooo-ber
That's uber hot.


I'm uber intoxicated.
by Ledon August 12, 2007
Means the same as super. Most recently used by fans of anime & Japanese street fashion trends. Is also slang used in the subtitles of the anime Gals! also known as Super Gals.
That ganguro does para para uber fast!

Kara-mara with friends is uber fun!
by Ran Kotobuki September 22, 2004
I like God.'s definition of uber (submitted Jan. 2, 2004), although I know of an earlier reference than the Dead Kennedy's "California über alles" song. In the late '70s Saturday Night Live had a skit with John Belushi that posed the question "what would've happened if Superman emerged from Nazi Germany?" Answer: he would've been Uberman.
Look! Up in the sky! It's Überman!
by inVinceble August 19, 2004
Prefix: the epitome of; usually used in a negative connotation
He's a Trekkie. What an ubernerd.

Cubism is ubercrap.
by Sarah November 25, 2003

A word in German that means ''above'' or ''over'' but now is slang and is used in every sentence
John is a uber fag

uber is a very funny word
by Operation: Douchebag August 04, 2006

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