This word is often confused with Cool, even though Uber has nothing to do with cool unless u use it like this...(see ex.)

Cole Huber is Uber Cool, you cant tell me your not jealous of how HAWT he is!
by Cole Huber February 24, 2008
how baseball players say "very" or "totally"
Khalil Greene from the Padres is uber kewl.
by Koko1983 February 12, 2008
The next step beyond super.
That supermodel is so hot she is an ubermodel.
by Dr. Getalotapuss February 12, 2008
yah he's uber hott!

man.. im gonna kick your uber skinny white butt!
by *brei* February 12, 2008
alot/magnificent/super/outstanding in the highest or very high standard level
Diablo in its uber form is a true epitome of nightmare.
by Quantum-Magistrate December 06, 2007
bountiful or a lot of.
Can replace: very, or really.

Pronounciation: ooooo-ber
That's uber hot.


I'm uber intoxicated.
by Ledon August 12, 2007
Means the same as super. Most recently used by fans of anime & Japanese street fashion trends. Is also slang used in the subtitles of the anime Gals! also known as Super Gals.
That ganguro does para para uber fast!

Kara-mara with friends is uber fun!
by Ran Kotobuki September 22, 2004

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