German, often (and properly) used with an umlaut "über"

Word meaning Super.. Used commonly as "very" or "really" But often supersedes it. Often seen in l33tsp33k and netspeak
okay > good > very good > uber good
by Depherios November 15, 2003
Stupid word! we have enough thank you children.
Uber duber skuba> Its german so let's keep it german
by popovpop June 20, 2011
anything super super really awesomely mega big alot of.
Anything that is of the extreme of watever it is discribing.
The burger had an uber taste.

He was an uber noob.
by Allah's Jihad May 29, 2009
an adjective to describe what it feels like when you go outside and you find it's much colder than you anticipated
Uber, uber, uber, I'm freezing, it's cold out here!
by Midwest Mom March 27, 2009

This word is often confused with Cool, even though Uber has nothing to do with cool unless u use it like this...(see ex.)

Cole Huber is Uber Cool, you cant tell me your not jealous of how HAWT he is!
by Cole Huber February 24, 2008
how baseball players say "very" or "totally"
Khalil Greene from the Padres is uber kewl.
by Koko1983 February 12, 2008
The next step beyond super.
That supermodel is so hot she is an ubermodel.
by Dr. Getalotapuss February 12, 2008
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