The same thing as 1337. There are two types of people. Ubers and 1337.
Dude, I am the Uber sniper
by Nitsud March 29, 2004
way, totally, super, sweet, awesome
That was some uber gnarly air, dude!!
by aaf21vbts March 08, 2004
it began with a german philosopher and ended with the biggest onion i have ever seen in my life. an onion of biblical proportions.
the uber onion, is the most ultimate of all vegetables.
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
German word: translation above or over

Used in the German anthem 'Lied der Deutschen' as 'Deutschland ueber/uber Alles' (germany over all others).

Used in 31337speak or netspeak meaning best, very, ultimate

Could come from the word amazing in german (Überraschen)
Über alles

Gah, uber lag :(
by predatorMC January 05, 2004
German, often (and properly) used with an umlaut "über"

Word meaning Super.. Used commonly as "very" or "really" But often supersedes it. Often seen in l33tsp33k and netspeak
okay > good > very good > uber good
by Depherios November 15, 2003
Stupid word! we have enough thank you children.
Uber duber skuba> Its german so let's keep it german
by popovpop June 20, 2011
anything super super really awesomely mega big alot of.
Anything that is of the extreme of watever it is discribing.
The burger had an uber taste.

He was an uber noob.
by Allah's Jihad May 29, 2009

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