Another word for "super" or "hyper" that comes from the German language. It is used mostly by nerds.
Nerd: This guy has Über health and magic power and he isn't easy to defeat!
by PooHead69 April 30, 2008
A term meaning super
Dude, that test was Uber hard
by Zyle Moore December 27, 2007
A large quantity describing something.
"It was like Uber expensive!"
by Pezzy Dawson October 15, 2007
The same thing as 1337. There are two types of people. Ubers and 1337.
Dude, I am the Uber sniper
by Nitsud March 29, 2004
way, totally, super, sweet, awesome
That was some uber gnarly air, dude!!
by aaf21vbts March 08, 2004
it began with a german philosopher and ended with the biggest onion i have ever seen in my life. an onion of biblical proportions.
the uber onion, is the most ultimate of all vegetables.
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
German word: translation above or over

Used in the German anthem 'Lied der Deutschen' as 'Deutschland ueber/uber Alles' (germany over all others).

Used in 31337speak or netspeak meaning best, very, ultimate

Could come from the word amazing in german (Überraschen)
Über alles

Gah, uber lag :(
by predatorMC January 05, 2004
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