Entrails of a deer.
man i got uber all over me.
by smells like uber September 12, 2003
Whoa! You're in such an uber mood, I think you need to chillax, man! I mean, come on.
by El_Scorcho September 03, 2003
means "very" or "good" in the lingo of the industrial and hacker subcultures
Damn, that guy's goggles are uber 1337!
by Swingline August 14, 2003
A German word.
Has more than just one definition, though...
When someone overreacts - dann "überreagiert er".
But, also when someone is above of something else, he is "über etwas".
"Ich bin über Dir." - I am above of you.
"Ich bin überglücklich!" - I am very lucky.
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
A ward that nerd and losers use to describe something they like, so if they use the word uber, or epic, they are pretty much same thing, but whoever uses either one is a loser, a nerd, and they are probably using it to describe something stupid that only they and they're loser friends like
1. kid-That math home work was uber epic last night
other kid - *punched kid in face cause hes a loser*

2. kid - we used our lunch period to build an uber cool bridge out of sticks across a river, it was epic
other kid - *punched kid in face cause hes a loser and he wasted his lunch period*
by johndaly May 10, 2009
A misspelling of the German word "über" (meaning above or super). Ignorant Americans have lately started to pronounce the word as "uber" rather than "yber", something that makes the great Führer turn in his grave.
Dumb hick: This is uber cool.
Educated individual: It's called "über", hillbilly.
by Taxman_42 January 02, 2007
originally coming from the german word UBER which means super but it is now used in n00b language and mock n00b language which is used by ub3r pr0 g@m3rz to mock n00bs
wow, you owned that n00b like the uber pro gamer that you are, you're so leet

im gonna play an uber joke on my sister
by izakko October 07, 2006

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