Spelled über and not uber as many/all americans are doing.
-Schwarzes leute sind überall (black people are everywhere)

American way to use it = I'm uber (they dont have ü on their keyboards so they dont write it, I think that's the reason)
by Mat128 April 23, 2004
ADJ. When something is very 1337 and can be used freely with skateboard/snowboard tricks

Also a ADV. When something is done in an uber like style
ADJ - That sick ass move he did was pretty damn uber!

ADV - He busted the move uberly
by ur mom March 04, 2004
really cool
uber cool
by Braceface- December 13, 2003
Above or extra in 1337 speak. Often used in front of cool.

See also 1337
"That's uber cool."
"Man, this level is uber hard."
by Uber Looz0r November 28, 2003
Whoa! You're in such an uber mood, I think you need to chillax, man! I mean, come on.
by El_Scorcho September 03, 2003
means "very" or "good" in the lingo of the industrial and hacker subcultures
Damn, that guy's goggles are uber 1337!
by Swingline August 14, 2003
biggest, best, extra special, highest, longest, etc...
We were drinking uber-water (vodka) during our "Munchkin" game!
by Aakesh August 05, 2003

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