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1.uber is used in america mostly as a gaming term or as a subtitute for very or really.

2. uber is also used in gaming to describe great characters. if somebody has alot of good armor and weapons and is a high level they are considered uber.

3. uber can be used sarcasticly to describe something weak or of low value but is usualy spelled as "UBAH!" (in gaming terms of course)
1. dude, thats uber awsome!

2. your already level 65?!?! man! your uber!

3. A rusty long sword.... UBAH!
by Kairen February 02, 2005
turbo, in gaming terms, is used as a substitute for very, or really. see also uber
dude that's like turbo lame

look at that turbo n00b
by Kairen February 02, 2005

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