used in replace of super, or used to describe the extreme (blankness) of something
Girl 1: omg, did you see her shoes?!

Girl 2: i know right! those looke uber cute on her!
by Trisha from Dav December 11, 2008
Completely, totally, and utterly the defintion of something.
A prime example.
Dude, that friggin' thing was UBER amazing!
by Miss Kween November 25, 2008
(adj.) Typically used on the internet to mean either really or a great quanity of.
I was uber surprised when my dog tried to eat me in my sleep this morning.
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
uber is a word commonly used to substitute for the words (or related to the words) really and a lot. If you wanted to say, "i really liked that movie" or "that movie was really good" you would say,
"that movie was like uber awesome!"
by Twilight Moon July 10, 2008
Something that is cool and super at the same time.
Dude that is totally uber or Dude this place is like uber creepy.
by Christina April 26, 2005
An excessive amount of; over stimulized
That city swan was uber dirty.
That pool was uber awesome.
by Lina43019971115 January 15, 2012
An adjective used to describe objects and things that are physically unclean or unpleasant
"Man that wash-room was so uber"
by Goats r amazing January 02, 2012
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