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awesome cool radical. Its means your cool and every one likes you
omg that skateboard is uber!

Omg that kid is so uber
by Veggygirl714 August 20, 2009
1 3
(adj.) Typically used on the internet to mean either really or a great quanity of.
I was uber surprised when my dog tried to eat me in my sleep this morning.
by Saruhbear August 27, 2008
3 5
uber is a word commonly used to substitute for the words (or related to the words) really and a lot. If you wanted to say, "i really liked that movie" or "that movie was really good" you would say,
"that movie was like uber awesome!"
by Twilight Moon July 10, 2008
9 11
Something that is cool and super at the same time.
Dude that is totally uber or Dude this place is like uber creepy.
by Christina April 26, 2005
3 5
Sorry to put a dampener on things - urgently looking for the name of a vampire tale - with a character called Uber.

Any ideas?
"Uber you will not fail"
by Dan Wiper July 12, 2004
1 3
Having a lot of something, or used to describe something one likes.
There is an uber amount of food on the table. OR That's uber sweet.
by Laura Liz January 19, 2009
5 8
In slang, über is an adjective synonymous with superior, beyond, surpassing, etc. Über retains the meaning from the language it came from, in this case German.
It can be used as an adverb in order to amplify a verb or another adjective's meaning. In may be hyphenated when used in this sense, as shown below.
Günther's über clock can display any desired information in addition to the time.

Engelbert just got this über-cool video game.
by bowlofnoodles September 18, 2006
17 20