A very, very overly used word. Also used by people who want to appear to be cool and intelligent.
1) John: I'm uber awesome!

Kate: no you're not. You left me and our 8 kids!

John: uber-bummer.

2) Uber is the one of the most uberly overused word. I'm seriously annoyed anytime I hear it.
by Koolio1234567 November 20, 2009
Over The Top. Something done to the extreme or beyond the norm. Origin German. American slang has modified the term to have a more broad meaning.
1. She is an uber Christian.
2. Yo, he did that trick uber style, man.
by Chado2423 January 14, 2007
I'm tired of reading all your definitions, probably cuz of wrong german grammar.
über, written uber in 'american', since american keyboards dont have the ü key, means 'above, on top of' and not awesome or something else I had to read here... thx for ur time <3
über, to write ü, hold down ALT and press 129, release, and voila! ü !1one!!1

and btw, das uber soldat is an enemy in Return to Castle Wolfenstein(RtCW), an UBER GAME, but it's gramatically wrong, it should be "der über Soldat" which has no meaning at all in German, and not "Da s Uber Soldat"...
by Das Uber Soldat January 17, 2005
the best of the best of the best: to be the top one of all the others
Many people don't believe in this, but God really is the uber over all of us.
by tHe GuY wHo DiEd ReCeNtLy January 11, 2010
awesome cool radical. Its means your cool and every one likes you
omg that skateboard is uber!

Omg that kid is so uber
by Veggygirl714 August 20, 2009
über is an adverb that often replaces other adverbs (such as very, etremely, so, ect.) when someone is bragging or boasting.
"Oh my gosh, i bought this über expensive shirt yesterday; it's über cute!"
by Shugga L.O.C.O. April 25, 2009
used in replace of super, or used to describe the extreme (blankness) of something
Girl 1: omg, did you see her shoes?!

Girl 2: i know right! those looke uber cute on her!
by Trisha from Dav December 11, 2008

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