Alot, really, usually expressing a positive emotion.
that was über exiting!

that cake was über good!
by Gracie Lou, aka Lulu June 27, 2010
(v.) to use Uber app to get places.
"What are you saying?"
"I'm tired, so I'm gonna Uber it home."
by raimorrison May 16, 2015
A word common on online games and the internet I like to think of it as the word you will use once WOW (world of warcraft) has completely consumed your life
Dude i just PWNED kara in wow me and my uber guild owned it
by Gage N. August 02, 2008
Over The Top. Something done to the extreme or beyond the norm. Origin German. American slang has modified the term to have a more broad meaning.
1. She is an uber Christian.
2. Yo, he did that trick uber style, man.
by Chado2423 January 14, 2007
I'm tired of reading all your definitions, probably cuz of wrong german grammar.
über, written uber in 'american', since american keyboards dont have the ü key, means 'above, on top of' and not awesome or something else I had to read here... thx for ur time <3
über, to write ü, hold down ALT and press 129, release, and voila! ü !1one!!1

and btw, das uber soldat is an enemy in Return to Castle Wolfenstein(RtCW), an UBER GAME, but it's gramatically wrong, it should be "der über Soldat" which has no meaning at all in German, and not "Da s Uber Soldat"...
by Das Uber Soldat January 17, 2005
To fuck something up so badly that everyone hates you for your actions, and that which was fucked up cannot ever be righted.
Example 1:
Peter: John! You have Uber'd the WORLD with that mistake!
John: Oh f-

-World explodes-

Example 2:
Releasing unfinished software for greater than 2 times the cost of the finished product, and blaming your investors for it.

Refer to:
by Uberlulz June 26, 2013
An adjective used to describe objects and things that are physically unclean or unpleasant
"Man that wash-room was so uber"
by Goats r amazing January 02, 2012

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