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Over, Better, Higher, Greater, Super. such as... Ubermensch "Superman" or Das Flugzeug ist über mir. "the plane is over me" often used to heighten an otherwise standard term.
such as, "that car is Uber-shweet" or "I am the Uber-Pimp"
by Justin September 21, 2003
343 285
A word that should never be uttered in actual conversation by anyone that isn't speaking German at that very moment.
Uh, I was like, Uber cool. And now I am I dumbass!
by can0py June 25, 2007
162 141
anything that mercs the gb community.(Pat, Dylan, Rob, Corrao)
Wow, the uber mage pwners that merc are UBER!
by NOOBSLAYER1313131313 March 19, 2009
84 65
epic, epicly
dude, i'm uber bored
by alyshamarie October 12, 2009
28 12
A group of people that are the hardcore users of a system, and wish that system to remain exclusive to themselves.
Hardcore Linux geeks that wish the OS to remain difficult to maintain and hard to learn are Ubers.
by pjh3000 April 20, 2006
17 8
Another word used for "super"
Im uber-exited!
by KJo990 November 11, 2012
5 0
German meaning "extremely, above, more than..."
As in überlaut - very loud

übercool - extremely cool

PS. the line : " Deutschland, Deutschland über alles.."
dates back to 1841 (lyrics by Hoffmann von Fallersleben ) thus it has nothing to do with Nazi Germany at all
by News4me January 02, 2013
8 4