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A massive online adventure game created by jagex. highly addictive, fun and some times annyoing.
many people play this game. nearly 2 million i have heard(uncomfirmed). the #1 runescaper is zezima. he has 99 of every skill in the game.
Runescape, once you start you can't part
by Guru222 November 09, 2005
a long brown dog treat given to dogs. used as an insult sometimes
why don't you go eat a schmacko!
by Guru222 November 03, 2005
Uber basicly means, mega cool, very good or very high

It is used on the interenet and on forums by usually new members such as noobs or newbs.

It is also the name of a trick used in the game SSX Tricky.
1. Wow, look at the snow! It is coming down Uber Fast!!!
2. Sweet, did you see that Uber I did on Elise!
by Guru222 February 28, 2006
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