the stereotype badge that means nothing more than just an annoying noisy sound coming from an empty coffee can.

also means TYPE RICER.
muscle car guy: what car do u have?

ricer guy:i drive a honda civic type r.

muscle car guy:oh?type ricer?
by brootalkid September 16, 2009
1) When a person is hyper, and tired at the same time.
2) When you are tired, but just don't want to go to sleep.
"I should probably be sleeping now, but I'm too typer to."
by ThatChicaa April 10, 2010
it means to be tired and hyper at the same its called typer
i was so typer last night at the concert that i was tired and hyper.
by One Love32 May 22, 2009
Mistyping a word, giving it a new meaning. This happens by accident, and can occur either when accidentaly adding additional letters, or missing letters due to fast typing.

E.G. I really lick you (i really like you)
Damn, i was chatting wih this hot chick, but i mde a mjor typer, and now she thinks i "lick her"
by Friis February 17, 2009
stickers commonly placed on import cars to add mucho HP.
adding type-r sticker to car = hella fast!
by agentsmith June 06, 2004
A line of automotive dual voice coil subwoofers made by Alpine.
I wanted to get a pair of Type R's, but my alternator couldn't power the amp, so I had to get E's.
by ExtremeRW February 20, 2007
Type Ricer, sticking a type r sticker on your car and thinking it adds power see ricer
That stock civic can run the quarter mile in 10 seconds with that type R sticker!
by john March 18, 2003

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