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A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.
Hey doc, now that I have a shot at a nice job, how do I remove this stupid tattoo?
by Frankie February 06, 2004
in actuallity it means: to dissipate or disappear like vapor
life is in a constant state of evanescence.
by frankie March 26, 2005
to place one's cock between a ladies stockinged feet and stroking it to orgasam.
I grabbed her nylon covered feet and fucked them til i shot a hot load all over them, staing her nylons along with her pride
by frankie July 18, 2003
The (usually) surreptitious action of savoring the pheremone laden evidence of digital exploration of that magical female orifice. Commonly discovered by young men driving home after a date involving second base. Enjoyable at any age. Often characterized as a game.
“Frankie had himself a good game of stinkfinger all the way home from his date with new girlfriend.”
by Frankie February 05, 2004
Military term for the human female, either singly or in a group.
"Man, look at all that splittail!"
by Frankie February 05, 2004
Civic Type R - A Civic with the 1.6 liter B16B engine, made from 97-00 and was only available in Japan. The Civic Type R's engine is identical to the Integra Type R but with a shorter stroke. If an Integra Type R crank and rods are swaped into this engine it makes it a 1.8 liter engine with a 12:1 compression ratio which is capable of 200whp. This car also has awesome handling and is just as fast as it's Integra Type R cousin, on the road course, with less power.
The CTR is the badest Civic made.
by Frankie November 06, 2004
A Civic that was sold mostly in Japan. See CTR
That Civic Type R is mad JDM y0!
by Frankie November 06, 2004
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