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Short for Dedicated Server; a computer that is used for only a few, or just one, specific purpose so that other things do not interfere with that task. This usually refers to webservers and game servers, but can apply to any networked computer dedicated to a specific task.
"My Counterstrike clan rents a dedi so that we can play without lag."

"up you a torrent and ill serve it off my dedi" -ytcracker
by ExtremeRW July 21, 2006
An unhealthy attraction to people who are sick or broken in some manner. Refers to the character Dr. Allison Cameron from FOX's popular television series House, M.D., where she displays affection for Dr. Gregory House because she believes he is bitter, sad, and lonely.
Jared: "I missed House M.D. last night because I was at SCSI's house to keep her from cutting herself again."

David: "Weren't you with Kristin last week?"

Jared: "Yeah, but she is just not the same after she 'came to christ' and got off crack..."

David: "Dude, you should see a shrink about that Cameronism."
by ExtremeRW February 24, 2007
A line of automotive dual voice coil subwoofers made by Alpine.
I wanted to get a pair of Type R's, but my alternator couldn't power the amp, so I had to get E's.
by ExtremeRW February 20, 2007

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