A Tyler is someone who has an explosive personality, a creative mind, a kind smile, a loving heart, and a strong ability to lead. They are very successful in everything they do because their charisma is absolutely contagious. Anyone who is close to a Tyler can automatically assume that they will be more treasured than anyone else. They always know what makes their girlfriends happy and are the most charming people to talk to. Tylers are incredibly attractive and by far the absolute best kissers. If you have a Tyler, you are one lucky dog!
1: Who is that really hot guy up front?
2: Ah, you must mean Tyler!
by Catsandducks April 12, 2011
hottest kid you'll ever meet.
with the nicest body you'll ever see.
woah..look at that guy..look at his abs.
I KNOW! he's such a tyler
by tyler lover January 27, 2009
A truly amazing person inside and out. He'll always be there for you and would do anything for the girl he loves. He's talented, funny, out-going, and loves being out-doors.
My boyfriend is such a tyler
by Marilyn<3Monroe July 14, 2011
an occupational surname meaning "tiler of roofs" in Old English.
"Hey look, it's Tyler! He's the MAN!"
by Tyler Suave July 09, 2006
Tyler can create and destroy worlds at will.
by i be jesus June 12, 2011
A very sweet, loving and caring guy that will always be there for you through anything and everything. He calls just to say goodnight, and loves you for who you are. he doesn't like arguing, he'd rather talk it out. He's usually the most amazing guy in your school...and he's my boyfriend(:
for what?
by iloveyoubabe41110 January 21, 2011
a guy that you could meet at walmart, thats really tall and would look good in stripes. he is usually very determined, but easily irritated. if he is a tyler, he's probably dated stupid girls that get mad easily. he knows what he wants and is an amazing kisser with an extremely memorable smell. his hands are the kind you could be handcuffed to and not mind. he is the kind you want to keep even if something goes wrong because he'd always be there.
tyler is unforgettable.
by khrysin October 20, 2010

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