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verb, -lers, -lered, -lering

1. To encourage the development of an exciting plan that involves multiple people, and then just as everyone is on board, immediately change your mind about participating.

2. To propose an awesome plan as above, let people discuss it and get stoked, then reveal that you can't participate.

It is not enough that you change your mind later. It must be right away - usually in the very discussion where the idea was first brought up.
What? No - it was your idea. Come on, man, don't tyler on me.

Weren't you guys all getting a house together? Yeah, but Erin tylered.

He fucking tylers on me all the time!
by SPiKe April 13, 2011
10 20
Originating from the movie "Fight Club", Tyler is used to describe one who is extremely sexy and bad ass.
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god, look at him he's such a TYLER.
by jcizzleypie June 19, 2007
9368 5881
A tyler is a person whos is always popular. There are usually to kinds of tyler. A popular, athletic and hot one. Then a loner, stoner, goth one. All the girls love him and they teachers love him too. He always gets the class laughing. If your name is Tyler there is a really good chance that you have a big dick!
Man i wish i was popular, then the girls would like me, and the school would know me as a Tyler.


Why do you hang out with that faggot pot smoker, hes a tyler.
by kate q April 12, 2008
8324 5803
A very very very, yet again, very sexy pancake.
That tyler was dilicious.
by Joe Stanton March 27, 2008
7130 5206
Tall, and skinny. Has the most pretty eyes. Long, soft brown hair. And a great personality. Can often be found playing video games, or hanging with friends. He's very touchy feely; loves hugs. He knows how to make someone smile. He can be REALLY stubborn. Isn't quite sure what he wants. He always seems to be confused. He's loving, confused, caring, amazing. Awesome. He's Tyler.
He's such a Tyler.
by AllyCat5 May 30, 2011
3238 1764
I guy that is sweet and loveable. He is a natural born leader and is always happy and energetic. He is cute and loves to make others happy. Tylers' are tall, thin and strong. Tylers' have a lot of people that enjoy being around them. They are funny and smart. Tylers' are understanding and caring. They are the sweetest guys you will ever meet. Tylers' know what they want and usually get it, not because they are spoiled or stuck-up, but because they have a great work ethic, personality and a desire to become the best. When Tylers' love someone, they always think about them, and will do anything for that person. Tylers' usually fall in love with people with the first inital; 'K', 'P' and 'S'. They will make excellent husbands and fathers.
Wow, that guy is amazing, he must be a Tyler.
by highrolla147 August 18, 2011
1519 813
An amazingly sweet guy who will always stick up for what he thinks is right. Might not be the most popular, or the most "cool", but he is one of the nicest people you will meet. Tylers are usually sarcastic a little bit of the time, and if they fall in love with you, they will do anything for you. They never cheat.Tyler's usually stand up for their friends whenever, and won't let them down. Tylers usually become best friends with kids named Blake, Jackson, Christopher, and Josh.
Girl: Tyler is the best boyfriend I've ever had
Girl 2: You're lucky to have him. He's known for being faithful.
by BlahBlahBlah-Ke$haaaa(: December 11, 2010
2095 1432
The hottest guy you will ever meet. EVER. He has brown hair and amazing brown eyes. He is tall and skinny, and he is somewhat clumsy and awkward at times. He's a guy who you can always laugh and have a good time with. You can always talk to him about anything, at any hour of the day or night. He is incredibly sexy and has a huge dick ;)
Girl one: That guy is sooooo sexy!
girl two: I know, he sits behind me in math class. His name is Tyler.
Girl one: I would totally blow him.
by Ms.Butterworth August 03, 2011
1305 743