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1 definition by mvks062011

a tyler is someone who is amazing. words simply cant describe him. hes so caring and has a huge heart. he cares about everyone besides himself. he would do anything for anyone. hes so outgoing and so much fun to be around. he always makes a bad situation into something that can be talked out. he hates fighting. he has a huge heart. any girl that gets him shouldnt ever let him go. hes so sexy. blonde hair blue eyes is where its at. oh and hes AMAZING in bed. the best youll ever have. hes the type of guy that would surprise his girlfriend with flowers, listen to her cry and make her feel so much better. he doesnt love easily and he is quite reserved but when he does open up its like listening to an angel. the best person you ever meet in your life.
yepp tylers the boyfriend.
by mvks062011 October 17, 2011
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