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To steal a car (Take Without Owners Consent)
Ee twocked this ole Fiesta an went joyrydin' round town centre.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
A young gay man who is either a combonation of or in between a twink and a jock.
Gay 1: Dude, he's hot but a bit old and buff to be a twink.

Gay 2: He's a twock!
by Goh January 09, 2008
A guy who's body is a cross between a twink and a jock.
Omg John look at that twock over there he is the ideal cross between a twink and a jock!
by renewed_mind January 03, 2015
A middle of the road term for a post op transgender crotch area.
Katelynn on The Real World Brooklyn couldn't wait to rub her twock on the first stripper pole she could find.
by dubyabejay February 13, 2009
a person that appears to be of both sexes. i.e. a man that looks like a woman and vice versa
Person 1: Dude is that a guy or a girl?

Person 2: Niether thats a twock
by G Da shocker November 12, 2004
A special, private, seducing sexual act
"ohh man, twock me, twock me good"
by Alys! February 21, 2008

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