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Also used by the less able minded of us (charvers), this time it is used when they are happy, extatic even.....or they have taken druge, either way it works
1)Oh yah, i got 40 tabs im buzzin;

2)Oh hes buzzin on XTC
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
Said when a charver has stolen an object from you. Used instead of Stolen.
1) Hey i twocked 10 bar last nite.

2)Twocked to death.
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
A alcoholic beverage that charvers seem to drink on street coners everywhere, sometimes concealing it in fanta or coke bottles. I say alcoholic its probably made out of pigs piss......
1) I got 10 litres of white star.

2) Lets sneak the white star in, ill hide it in a fanta bottle
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
Is used when a charver is going to hit you lightly, not with their full potential.....e.g half a punch.
1)ere' if ya dont shut up ill give ya half a bat.

2) Half a bat ull go down twice
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
Charvers also say this when they have stolen an item of you, they say it to try and be clever and cocky but fail......miserably
1)I stole your pen......Gutted to Death!
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
This is used when discussing cigarettes. Alternate word for fags/cigerettes/smokes.....etc
1)AH i smoke 80,000 tabs last year.....beast!
by Hormoaning October 17, 2003
A country.....
Look where Azerbaijan is on the map.....Whoa!
by Hormoaning October 22, 2003

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